Help Me Get My YouTube Channel Back

I am Lawrence “Larry” Dortch some know me as Blkphoto on YouTube. I am a full-time YouTuber and on OCT. 30th my YouTube Channel called Blkphoto with the URL was disabled without any specific explanation or warning. I received a form email saying there was a complaint against my channel and therefore it was disabled and I could appeal the decision. I filed the appeal the best I could could without any details as to why my channel was disabled. The appeal was denied, again without explanation. I went back and forth with the YouTube Creator Team and after more than 40 emails with the YouTube Creator Team and the YouTube Legal Team YouTube has refused to give me an explanation why my channel is disabled. I have tried to do this alone but can’t and I need your help. So, I am asking you to please write to the YouTube Creator Team on behalf of my channel on behalf of the community we grew around the channel and ask that YouTube restore my channel called Blkphoto with the URL
If you don’t feel like writing a message just copy and paste the below message letting YouTube know you support me and want to see my channel reinstated.
Thank you for your support and hope to see you back on YouTube soon.

Lawrence “Larry” Dortch “AKA” Blkphoto is a valued member of the YouTube community and we want his channel restored. Please reinstate the YouTube channel #bringbackblkphoto

YouTube Creator Team Email:
YouTube Creator Twitter: and @YTCreators
YouTube Instagram Account:


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